The Great Harry Hillman is a Swiss post-jazz quartet, which has been playing together for ten years. You’re correct to assume that a band named in tribute to an American athlete of the early 20th century is not your ‘normal’ jazz band adhering to staid standards. Their music combines jazz, rock, and improv into a subdued, layered, yet thrilling sound – quiet but powerful, played by four thoughtful musicians who are more than capable of rocking out when they feel like it. More often than not rather they wrap the listener in delicately constructed sonic webs of indefinable beauty. After Livingston (2013) and Veer Off Course (2015) The Great Harry Hillman now presents their 3rd album TILT (2017), released on Cuneiform Records.

Nils Fischer – bass clarinet
David Koch – guitar
Samuel Huwyler – bass
Dominik Mahnig – drums

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18.10.2019 Kunstwerkstatt – Bochum DE

19.10.2019 Terminus – Sarreguemines FR


India Tour
18. Nov – 3. Dec 2019

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Gallery „Harry on tour“ 2012-2019



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